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Padfield, Tim. Copyright for Archivists, 2nd Edition. Facet Publishing, 2004.
(ISBN: 1-85604-512-9).
This is a handbook for archivists and users of archival materials that seeks to set out the statutory and case law in a readable way.

By kind permission of the author, these flow charts:

Stokes, Simon. Art & Copyright. Hart Publishing, 2001.
(ISBN: 1-84113-225-X).
This is the first text to examine in detail the intellectual property rights protecting artistic works and artists' rights generally in the United Kingdom. This book is helpful for all those working in the arts.

McClean, Daniel and Schubert, Karsten (eds). Dear Images: Art, Copyright and Culture. Ridinghouse/ICA, 2002.
(ISBN: 1-900300-37-0 [ICA]; 0-9541710-2-0 [Ridinghouse]).
This is an edited book providing articles by academics, artists, museum professional, publishers, legal professionals and art galleries/dealers. It provides a backdrop to copyright within the 21st Century and in particular highlights the relationship of copyright to digitisation and the Internet.

Stokes, Simon. Digital Copyright: law and practice. Butterworths/LexisNexis, 2002.
(ISBN: 0-406-94702-3)
This book provides an insight and practical guidelines to set the new legislation relating to digitisation within the context of existing copyright law. This book is useful for New Media managers, content owners and all those working with digital assets.

mda copyright factsheets

Copyright Basics
Digital Copyright
Copyright for Collections
These resources have been produced by mda in response to key questions about copyright posed by professional working with collections. They are presented in a user-friendly fashion which focus upon the practicalities of adhering to best copyright practice.

Zorich, Diane. An Introduction to Managing Digital Assets, 1999.
This publication available online, examines some key issues relating to the management of digital assets and in particular the relationship between them and Intellectual Property Rights. Although written from a US perspective, the majority of the issues covered are relevant to other global audiences.

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